After the Olympics, go for gold with the latest footwear trends.

The scramble for gold, silver and bronze is over at last and you were thinking of taking things quietly for a bit. However, when you start exploring the Modatoi range of women's shoes and dresses, you may find yourself having second thoughts.
'Sports fashion' probably conjures up images of tracky bottoms, if so, set a course for the excellent selection of women's shoe models from This covers trainers that are for fun as much as for breaking the pain barrier in, as well as glam heels. Actually, party shoes and heels have really just gone their own way this year, encompassing everything from flamboyant oversized bows and polka dots to self-assured high heel lace-ups in warm autumn shades.
In the half boot stakes there's lots to talk about as well. The 'skull' motif pops up all over the place, mostly picked out in rhinestones. Women's boots are travelling north. Knee-high boots have definitely widened their appeal managing to be both sophisticated and somehow mysterious at the same time.
This year's selection of dresses are all about cut as much as colour. What does this actually look like? Well, lots of flattering, figure hugging designs with plunging necklines for a start. Strapless dresses aplenty, pleats, lots of lace, ruffles and daring bared back looks.

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