Is buying a snooker table as expensive as you think? Sort fact from fiction with Riley.

Cue sports include some of the most widely-followed games in the country, but for many of us, our experience of snooker and similar games is limited to the very occasional trip down to the local snooker hall or a few games of pool in the pub. There’s a perception that to play the game at home requires a huge financial investment, but does this stand up to closer scrutiny? If we look at the snooker and pool tables available online, we’ll see that whilst to buy a good quality table is not cheap, it’s not the preserve of the rich either. Obviously, a well-crafted table will last for years if properly looked after, so seen as a long-term investment, the idea of buying a table becomes much more reasonable. Riley is one very dependable brand that has been making tables for many years. They also have billiard tables for sale for fans of this particular sport, as well as more unusual variations on the cue sports theme like Russian pyramid. They stock tables in a range of sizes and even have a handy table sizing guide to help ensure that you have the best possible playing experience for the size of room you have available.

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