Rangiroa – Tiaré flower, turtles and everything in between !

Who hasn’t dreamt of sipping cocktails underneath gently swaying palm trees on a Pacific island? Well, you can turn that vision into reality by booking yourself into any of a wide selection of top-quality Rangiroa accommodation options available on one of the world’s largest coral islands.

This atoll is renowned for its diverse sea life and unsurprisingly, it’s a great favourite of the scuba diving fraternity. This Rangiroa diving video will give you a taste of some of the wonderful spectacles of nature you may see in the waters around the island. There are several different diving schools located on Rangiroa – some will even arrange to collect you from your hotel. Both beginners and more experienced divers are well catered to, and it will only be a matter of time before you too can explore the depths and swim with turtles, manta rays and more!

When you get back onto dry land, you’ll see that there are various tours of Rangiroa that will enable you to discover the island’s inland attractions. The abundant bird life is one reason to swap flippers for sandals and take to the cycle paths and trails. Another is the area’s beautiful vegetation, including the Tiaré flower, the symbol of Tahiti.

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