Winter's no match for Modatoi!

If you're starting to come down with a case of the wintertime blues, why don't you check out the Modatoi online store. With the coming of the colder weather, a priority has to be sorting out our winter footwear. It's just as well that boots for women are right up our street. There's plenty of choice, whether you're looking for something for the office, or something for the office Christmas party.

There are some things you can't do without in any given season, this year, when it comes to boots, that thing is buckles. Too much of a good thing doesn't seem to apply in this case, with up to 8 buckles being crammed onto the latest boots. On top of the buckles, there's something of a western movie set feel about some designs this year - perhaps it's the fake snakeskin that does it.
Well, that's footwear taken care of - but then there's the rest of your wardrobe. Consider Modatoi's dresses for instance. The flattering lines of the sweater dress are back in vogue in a range of monochrome and multi-coloured designs. In terms of colours, black is back, frequently in tandem with more vibrant shades rather than just on its own.

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