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Caravan awnings: weather-beaten or weather-beating?

Choosing an awning or porch for your caravan is no easy matter. You’ll need a piece of kit that may have to withstand extremes of weather – from the high temperatures and fierce sun of the continental summer to damp overwintering conditions back at base in Britain. Eurovent awnings have enlisted the help of technology to keep the weather at bay, using highly-sophisticated fabrics like TenCate polyester and top-quality acrylic to keep rain out whilst at the same time preventing any build-up of humidity on the inside thanks to the superior breathability of the materials it uses.

Eurovent also supplies motorhome awnings that can be as flexible as your travel plans! The detachable front and side panels of the Trio Vermont model can transform a storage area or bedroom into a verandah during sunny weather. And you needn’t worry about complicated assembly procedures – special tightening handles make setting up this particular porch easy.

Speaking of porches, the Chamonix model of caravan porches is a fine example of a contemporary design, combining user-friendly assembly, strength, weather resistance and aesthetics. The enemy of campers everywhere – condensation build-up – is shown the door here thanks to a combination of breathable fabrics and well-placed air vents.

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Do your business a favour and see what flip books can do for you!

Your products and services deserve the very best digital shop window you can give them. That’s why it’s definitely worth taking a long hard look at the latest flip book technology. One of the biggest names in this field is Webpublication, which has developed top-of-the-range software that’s designed to make it possible to create professional-looking digital content in a matter of minutes – without any prior training needed! The online magazine maker is a study in simplicity, whilst at the same time enabling you to produce catalogues, magazines and other types of documents offering your users a reading experience that’s anything but banal. To see how, let’s take a look at how you can transform an ordinary pdf document into an extraordinary e-brochure!

You do have the option of asking for help from the experts, although the software is intuitive enough to do all the work yourself. Take your pick of rich media – you can add anything from videos, flash animations and hypertext links to HD images and contents tables and tabs to your brochure to bring it into the 21st century with a bang. What’s more, the finished product can be converted for viewing on Mac, smartphone and other devices!

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